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Welcome to the Tungsten Fabric Community!

Tungsten Fabric (formerly known as OpenContrail) is a secure software defined networking project designed for the cloud native, multicloud environment. Placing it on top of any IP network allows you to have a single portal for defining, monitoring, and analyzing your entire multicloud network, its security, and its performance.

Using Tungsten Fabric, you can write and deploy network and security policies that are portable to any cloud environment. All of your clouds can have a consistent and easily maintainable configuration. Standardized policies will make your security team happy, too.

We welcome new contributors!

Some useful Tungsten Fabric links:

For now, you can also access some of the old sites from our former OpenContrail days, but these are no longer in active use:

Public Meetings

Tungsten Fabric holds several regular public meetings via Zoom conference call. All participants are welcome!

You can always find the full call schedule on the community calendar.

Technical Steering Committee

The Technical Steerig Committee (TSC) is responsible for setting high level architecture goals and coordinating overall project architecture and technical direction of Tungsten Fabric. It’s the main governing and community body of the project.

This meeting is open to the public and all participants are welcome.

Infrastructure Working Group

This group addresses technical work on the Continuous Integration (CI) system and developer environment.

Documentation Working Group

This group works on the user and developer facing documentation.

Marketing Working Group

This group works to get the word out about Tungsten Fabric and promote TF usage and adoption.


All documentation received to and made available by the Tungsten Fabric community, including but not limited to the documentation in this repository, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Please see the LICENSE file for complete information.