Tungsten Fabric JIRA workflow

This Document provides guidance for the current JIRA workflow for Tungsten Fabric utilizing various constructs available as part of Jira.

Basic definitions:

JIRA Projects:

  • TF Blueprints - captures details on blueprints for all new features

    that needs to be added to Tungsten Fabric

  • TF Bugs - captures all workflow other than blueprints

JIRA Issue Type:

  • Epic - Capture large user stories which can be broken down into

    smaller user stories and used to bundle/group new features (BluePrints) together in one place.

  • Story (Not available for TF Bugs) - Capture user stories

  • New Feature - introduction of new feature into Tungsten fabric

  • Bug - default bucket for any issue that does not fall into the

    category of improvement or a new feature

  • Improvement - ticket to track an improvement on already available


  • Task - a work unit defined to carry out an activity

Affects Version:

  • Blueprint :- represents which version this blueprint is proposed for

  • Issue :- represents which version have this issue reported for

Fix Versions:

Version for which this Blueprint or fix for issue will be part of

Current Workflow:

While proposing a new feature

  • File a User Story under TF-Blueprint project for review, assignee

    will be submitting a blueprint/spec using this User Story for community review

    • For larger activities an Epic needs to be created, which will be

      broken down into separate user stories for Blueprint

  • As part of the approval of a Blueprint, a milestone version will be

    attached to it to represent the targeted Release version

  • Upon approval, the assignee will create (new feature / improvement) issue

    under TF Bugs project to submit the changes to code repositories

  • Link these new feature / improvement issues to the approved blueprint

    user story

  • Follow the individual issue work flow on individual issues.