Creating a Virtual Network with OpenStack TF



You can create virtual networks in Tungsten Fabric from the OpenStack. The following procedure shows how to create a virtual network when using OpenStack.

  1. To create a virtual network when using OpenStack TF, select Project > Network > Networks. The Networks page is displayed.

    Figure 1: Networks Page

  2. Click Create Network. The Create Network window is displayed.

    Figure 2: Create Networks

    Figure 3: Subnet and Gateway Details

  3. Click the Network and Subnet tabs to complete the fields in the Create Network window. See field descriptions below.

    Table 1: Create Network Fields



    Network Name

    Enter a name for the network.

    Subnet Name

    Enter a name for the subnetwork.

    Network Address

    Enter the network address in CIDR format.

    IP Version

    Select IPv4 or IPv6.

    Gateway IP

    Optionally, enter an explicit gateway IP address for the IP address block. Check the Disable Gateway box if no gateway is to be used.

  4. Click the Subnet Details tab to specify the Allocation Pool, DNS Name Servers, and Host Routes.

    Figure 4: Additional Subnet Attributes

  5. To save your network, click Create , or click Cancel to discard your work and start over.