Server Requirements and Supported Platforms



This topic discusses server requirements in a Tungsten Fabric cluster.

Each server must have a minimum of:

  • 64 GB memory.

  • 300 GB hard drive.

  • 4 CPU cores.

  • At least one Ethernet port.

A server can either be a physical device or a virtual machine. For scalability and availability reasons, it is highly recommended to use physical servers in most use cases whenever possible.

Server role assignments vary by environment. All non-compute roles can be configured in each controller node if desired in your topology.

All installation images are available in repositories.

The Tungsten Fabric image includes the following software:

  • All dependent software packages needed to support installation and operation of OpenStack and TF.

  • Tungsten Fabric Controller software – all components.

  • OpenStack release currently in use for TF.

All components required for installing the Tungsten Fabric Controller are available for each TF release, for the supported Linux operating systems and versions, and for the supported versions of OpenStack.

For a list of supported platforms for all Tungsten Fabric releases, see Tungsten Fabric Supported Platforms List  .

Access Container Tags are located at README Access to Contrail Registry 20XX  .