Setting Up the Undercloud




Follow this topic to setting up the undercloud for Tungsten Fabric deployment with RHOSP 16.1.

Install the Undercloud

Use this example procedure to install the undercloud.

  1. Log in to the undercloud VM from the undercloud KVM host.

    ssh ${undercloud_ip}
  2. Configure the hostname.

    undercloud_name=`hostname -s`
    undercloud_suffix=`hostname -d`
    hostnamectl set-hostname ${undercloud_name}.${undercloud_suffix}
    hostnamectl set-hostname --transient ${undercloud_name}.${undercloud_suffix}
  3. Add the hostname to the /etc/hosts file. The following example assumes the management interface is eth0.

    undercloud_ip=`ip addr sh dev eth0 | grep "inet " | awk '{print $2}' | awk -F"/" '{print $1}'`
    echo ${undercloud_ip} ${undercloud_name}.${undercloud_suffix} ${undercloud_name} >> /etc/hosts
  4. Set up the repositories.


    #Register with Satellite (can be done with CDN as well)
    yum localinstall -y http://${satellite_fqdn}/pub/katello-ca-consumer-latest.noarch.rpm
    subscription-manager register --activationkey=${act_key} --org=${org}
  5. Install the Tripleo client.

    yum install -y python-tripleoclient tmux
  6. Copy the undercloud configuration file sample and modify the configuration as required. See Red Hat documentation for information on how to modify that file.

    su - stack
    cp /usr/share/python-tripleoclient/undercloud.conf.sample ~/undercloud.conf
    vi ~/undercloud.conf
  7. Install the undercloud.

    openstack undercloud install
    source stackrc

Perform Post-Install Configuration

  1. Configure a forwarding path between the provisioning network and the external network:

    sudo iptables -A FORWARD -i br-ctlplane -o eth0 -j ACCEPT
    sudo iptables -A FORWARD -i eth0 -o br-ctlplane -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT
    sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE
  2. Add the external API interface:

    sudo ip link add name vlan720 link br-ctlplane type vlan id 720
    sudo ip addr add dev vlan720
    sudo ip link set dev vlan720 up
  3. Add the stack user to the docker group:

    newgrp docker
    su - stack
    source stackrc